BPI Bombshell, Sarah Evans, provides her best advice to help you reach your fitness goals.

Every fitness model, bodybuilder, and gym-regular with 6 pack abs started somewhere. Yes, believe it or not, the people you see in magazines that look like they could be in the next “300” film were at one point regular people like you and I. What was it that pushed them through on their fitness journeys? Was it the supplements used, the gym equipment, or just the desire to commit to a challenge and see it all the way through? Well, one thing that I believe contributed to my own personal success and kept me on track are none other than GOALS.Setting a goal can be the simplest yet most successful tool to keep you on track on your fitness journey. It might even sound obvious to set a goal but if you have ever set your eyes on a realistic objective and followed it through to the bitter end, the feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming…and it sets you up for your next goal to achieve. I recall the first goal I ever made on my fitness journey. I committed myself to following an intense program for 4 weeks out of the recommended 12. I told myself that 4 weeks in, if there was any progress made or results visible through a picture, I would continue on with that program. Sure enough, at the four week mark I took my pictures and compared them side-by-side for a subtle but noticeable difference. That’s the only motivation I needed to get me on my way to finishing the full 12 weeks. A progress picture from the end of the 12 weeks was almost unbelievable because the transformation was so great.

If I hadn’t set that first goal and reached it, I would still be sitting at the corner of “blah” and “what now..” It’s a two step process of setting a goal and following through with it. Don’t short yourself and keep yourself guessing about the “could haves” if you don’t reach that goal! Step out of your comfort zones and set goals that scare you. Once you achieve them, the empowerment is unmatched. Get to where you want to be, even if it starts with baby steps.