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Defend your squad. Post your training. Win killer prizes.

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, right? What about all out war? Together, we are going to embark on a 60 Day War, pitting strength and performance junkies against aesthetic elitists.

Choose your team

Which camp do you belong to?

Maybe you’ve been into bodybuilding for years and it's time for a new challenge, or maybe you’re a lifetime loyalist to your training style of choice. Either way, it’s time to see what you’re made of. The harder you fight for your team, the better your chances of winning prizes or even a trip to BPI headquarters for a training session and free supplements.

Battle it out with yourself, perfecting form and speed to achieve massive strength gains and challenge your pain threshold.

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Battle it out with the weights, focusing on careful isolation of each muscle group to sculpt a lean, shredded physique.

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Rules of Battle

1. Choose Your Side

Select your favorite athlete to follow. You can watch their training tutorials and follow their weekly Vlogs to stay connected. Download your training program PDF and start killing it!

2. Post Your Training

You want to win the 60 DAY WAR? Post your training and hashtag your team. We’ll choose weekly warriors to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook! If you’re working hard, we’ll notice!

3. Hashtag Often

In this program, hashtags are your heavy artillery. The more you hashtag #60DAYWAR and either #bpiteampower or #bpiteamaesthetics, the better your chances of winning. Only tag your training, nutrition, or healthy lifestyle choices. The rest won’t count!

4. Tag Friends and Recruit Allies

You’re going to need backup. This is all out war. Recruit your friends by tagging them and getting them to join your team. Your team will either rise or fall together. The more hashtags and training posts the better. Remember that!

5. Earn Points for your team

On this page, you’ll find the scoreboard. Your team’s hashtags will be counted and your posts will be monitored by our team here at BPI Sports. At the end of 60 days, the winning team will reap the rewards! Come back to check your score each week!

Spoils of War

What can you win?

The Top 10

The top 10 members of the winning team will get a bundle of BPI rations: The new Best BCAA w/ Energy, Best BCAA Shredded, and Best BCAA, plus other survival necessities.

The Top 2

The top ranking member of each team will be eligible for a trip to the BPI HQ training facility for a training session to represent their team.

Choose your team